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WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP with Battlefield Surveys   The Battlefield Surveys are moving toward a summer 2004 completion.  All surveys must be completed by July 31st.  If you can help, please contact Len Riedel at 1-888-741-2437 or by email at blue-grayedsoc@blue-and-gray-education.org.

Our Purpose


The Blue and Gray Education Society is dedicated to assisting members in pursuing their  intellectual interests and in achieving their legacy by revealing our past for our future through the study and understanding of the War Between the States. We will help members achieve this by interpreting and preserving Civil War battlefields, conducting high quality seminars, promoting and publishing scholarly research, and by facilitating worthy educational endeavors.

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reveals the Past - a cannon, the Present - a man and his child pointing to the future as wisdom and lessons in character are shared from generation to generation fulfilling Joshua Chamberlain's prediction that generations we know not will come to these deathless fields to ponder and dream.


Board Officers


Col. William Lowe
Vice-President Dr. Don Shafer
Secretary Mr. Andy Orf
Treasurer Mr. Bill Kahl
Executive Officer:


Len Riedel
(888) 741-

Board of Directors

Jack Dawson
Ms. Susan Kuecker
Mr. Steve Narrie
Mr. Keith O'Neil
Mr. Pat Schuber
Stewart O'Bannon III, Esq. 
(legal advisor)

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To contact BGES direct, please e-mail blue-grayedsoc@blue-and-gray-education.org
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