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Battlefield Survey Form


In 1993 the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission reported to the Congress on the status of the battlefields of America’s Civil War.  They created an extraordinary database concerning the 384 primary sites.  They are located in 26 states.  Since that time, through the tireless efforts of many individuals and groups, a number of sites are being preserved. Others might be preserved if they can effectively convey the story of what happened there.  That is where BGES comes in.  

The BGES Board of Directors wants to supplement the existing data by building a document that summarizes the status of “the story” of these 384 sites.  Using that as a source document, BGES intends to leverage the power of knowledge into project opportunities.  This survey will package the power of the “end user”--a heritage tourist, into a requirement to do more with the battlefield resources that exist.  

We need your help and insight to turn this into a living document.  Indeed your parochial evaluation of sites near your home will help us find the “diamonds in the rough” and will provide a fresh look at sites that are under stewardship; but, that may need refreshing.  We have matched up the zip codes of the 384 sites with our membership and wherever possible matched them down to the 5 number zip.  Where there is no direct correlation we’ve tried to get close.  Some people have as many as 10 sites that they live near--we’ve included 10 surveys.  There is overlap; but, we think duplication will give us a better product.  In every instance this is voluntary on your part.  

The 3 page survey is streamlined to generate information that relates to BGES and our educational mission.  The instructions are precise; but, your subjectivity is not.  We want your factually based evaluation and personal opinion.  

With your timely assistance we can complete our preliminary survey by January 31, 2003.  We expect to release the results of our survey by October 1, 2003.  We have a plan and a timetable.  Your willingness to participate will allow us to complete our work on time.  If you cannot or will not be participating or can only partially participate please let us know by November 15th.  You can e-mail us at or call us toll free at 1-888-741-2437.  We must know if we will have holes in our survey pattern so we can fill them in a timely manner.  

If you can or will participate please complete the enclosed surveys and return them by January 17, 2003.  We have provided a self addressed return envelope.  Thank you in advance for helping us complete this important survey.  You will be noted on the report as the surveyor and we will turn to you for amplification of any points not made clear in your evaluation.  

BGES has already done some superb work in battlefield interpretation.  Please help us go to the next level.  I know I can count on your support.  


Keith O’Neil
Director, Programs
BGES Board of Directors

  For wonderful information on almost any battlefield you can think of, please visit the Heritage Preservation Services website at You can select Battles by State or Battles by Campaign.

Battlefield Survey Form