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BGES promotes scholarship by commissioning original scholarly monographs on topics which are inadequately or not currently treated in a scholarly manner or which are of less historical significance and do not merit full book length treatment.

Monographs are published as an integral part of BGES programming. All members of BGES receive them as a basic perquisite. The monographs are published periodically and may be purchased at $7 unless otherwise marked  postpaid from BGES as long as supplies last.

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No. 1 - Summer 1995

Sale - $7 postpaid

"He Came as a Peacemaker
Abraham Lincoln in the Confederate Capital"

Michael Litterst  - Yorktown, VA
No. 2 - Fall 1995

Sale - $7 postpaid

"A Study in Warfighting
Nathan Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Brice's Crossroads"

Parker Hills  - Jackson, MS
No. 3 - Winter 1996

Sale - $7 postpaid

"The Battle of Tupelo"

Michael B. Ballard
  - Mississippi State
No. 4 - Fall 1996
No Longer in print
"The Winter of 1863:
Grant's Louisiana Canals"

Carolyn Pace Davis
  - Calhoun, LA
No. 5 -Summer 1997

Sale - $7 postpaid

"The Battle of Griswoldville-
A Pretty Rough Time and One of the Hardest Marches of the War"

Douglas Cubbison  - White Star Consulting

No. 6 - Fall 1997

Sale - $7 postpaid

"The First Battle of Moorefield
Early's Cavalry is Routed"
Stephen G. Smith  - West VA Univ
No. 7 - Summer 1998

Sale - $7 postpaid

"Fitz John Porter, The Campaign of
Second Manassas, and The Problem of Command and Control in the 19th Century"

Ethan S. Rafuse  - University of MO at Kansas City
No. 8 - Fall 1998
No Longer in print
"The Danville Expedition of May and June 1865"
Christopher Calkins  - Petersburg, VA
No. 9 - Summer 1999
No Longer in print
"Fear, Fire and Fortitude: Soldiers and Civilians in Columbia, South Carolina January February 1865"
Jacqueline G. Campbell  -  Duke University

  Free download of text available online.

No. 10 - March 2001

Sale - $7 postpaid

"The Jones-Imboden Raid Against the
B & O Railroad at Rowelsburg, Virginia
April 1863"

Stephen French
- Hedgeville, WV

No. 11 - August 2001

Sale - $7 postpaid

"Of Sabres and Carbines: The Emergence of the Federal Dragoon"

Laurence D. Schiller  -  Northwestern University

No. 12 November, 2001

$9 postpaid

"Confusion Compounded:
The Pivotal Battle of Raymond" (Mississippi)"

Warren E. Grabau  - Vicksburg, MS

No. 13 - May 2002

$9 postpaid - Free to members

"The Entering Wedge: The Battle of Port Gibson"

Douglas Cubbison  - West Point, New York

No. 14 - Fall 2002

$9 postpaid - Free to members

"The Coastal War  in North and South Carolina:
An Analysis of the Evolution of Joint Naval-Army Operations 1861- 1865"

Kevin Dougherty  - University of Southern Mississippi


Monograph Authors

Michael B. Ballard is the author of BGES monograph "The Battle of Tupelo" and is the University Archivist professor at Mississippi State University. He is a prolific author of Civil War history with books including:

A Long Shadow: Jefferson Davis and the Final Days of the Confederacy

Landscapes of Battle: The Civil War (with David Muench)

Pemberton: A Biography (Selected best non-fiction book of 1991 by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.)

A Mississippi Rebel in the Army of Northern Virginia: The Civil War Memoirs of Private Holt (co-edited with Thomas Cockrell)

Carolyn Pace Davis has been a teacher for twenty years. Her training and qualification as a social studies teacher led her to a Master of Arts in History from Northeast Louisiana University. Since then she has completed more than thirty additional academic hours and is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society for historians. Her BGES monograph "The Winter of 1863: Grant's Louisiana Canals Expeditions" is her first publication.

Christopher Calkins is the nation's leading student of the Appomattox campaign. For ten years he served as National Park Historian for the Appomattox Court House Historical Park, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Park, and Petersburg National Battlefield. In 1987 he published The Battles of Appomattox Station and Appomattox Court House, a work ten years in the making. He was a founding member of Association of Civil War Sites and his leadership led to the establishment of the Lee's Retreat Heritage Trail. He adds to our knowledge of the South's final moves in the BGES monograph, "The Danville Expedition of May and June 1865".

Jacqueline G. Campbell is a doctoral candidate at Duke University. Her interest in the Civil War and women's issues led to the  monograph "Fear, Fire and Fortitude."  BGES assisted Ms. Campbell in the research for her doctoral dissertation.  She, in turn, donated the monograph to BGES in gratitude for the assistance of its faculty.

Douglas Cubbison is an environmental planner and architectural historian at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York  The BGES monograph "The Battle of Griswold" examines through archeological examination the two corps involved in Sherman's March to the Sea. The study emphasizes the day by day analysis of the march with particular attention to the Battle of Griswold. His second monograph, "The Entering Wedge" examines the battle at Port Gibson prior to the siege of Vicksburg.

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Dougherty is a career army infantry officer serving as commander of the 2nd Battalion (Training Support)
(Infantry) at Fort Chafee, AR.  He is a 1983 West Point graduate.  While a student there, he won the Daughters of the Colonial Wars Award for Excellence in American History. His master's degree is in International Relations from Troy State University .

Stephen French graduated from Shepherd College in 1974. Since 1976 he has taught West Virginia history and world geography at South Middle School in Martinsburg, WV.  He is a member of the Berkeley County Historical Society, Friends of the Western Maryland Room, Harpers's Ferry Civil War Roundtable, Sons of Confederate Veterans - Turner Ashby Camp and the Stuart-Mosby Society. His articles on the Civil War have been published in The Washington Times, Morgan Messenger, Battlefield Journal, Gettysburg Magazine and North and South.

Warren E. Grabau is from Albion, Michigan, a WWII veteran and a retired research scientist of the Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He is accepted as one of the foremost historians on Vicksburg. He co-authored with Edwin Bearss , "The Battle of Jackson, May 14 1863" and penned "Eighty-eight Days: A Geographer's View of the Vicksburg Campaign". His current work in progress covers sea power and the Union navy.

 Parker Hills wrote "A Study in Warfighting: Nathan Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Brice's Crossroads" using his experience as a modern soldier responsible for the Mississippi National Guard's "Staff (battlefield) Rides". These staff rides use past battlefield experiences for today's military commanders and are used extensively by the Army and Marine Corps as well as the Military Academy at West Point.

Michael Litterst has been a park ranger at Gettysburg, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Manassas. Most recently he served as Supervisory Park Ranger at Colonial National Historical Park. His works include Civil War articles and frequent lectures as part of the BGES seminar/tour faculty. "He Came as a Peacemaker: Abraham Lincoln in the Confederate Capital" is his contribution to the BGES library of monographs.

Ethan S. Rafuse wrote for BGES "Fitz John Porter, The Campaign of Second Manassas, and The Problem of Command and Control in the 19th Century". He authored the BGES work while adjunct instructor of History and Political Science for Johnson County Community College and at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. For his doctoral dissertation, Mr. Rafuse published The Political Education of George B. McClellan from Philadelphia to the Peninsula.

Laurence D. Schiller is a graduate of Rutgers University.  He serves as adjunct faculty for the department of history at Northwestern University from which he received his Ph.D.  in political anthropology. From this expertise he has taught a wide range of courses from African history to history of the Islamic Middle East. This monograph is the result of his interest in the Civil War through exposure to through his wife's Civil War relatives and as head fencing coach at Northwestern.

Stephen G. Smith is a history graduate of James Madison University, Virginia. He completed his Master of Arts degree in history from the university in 1991. His dissertation research concentrates on the South Branch Valley of the Potomac during the Civil War. His work for BGES, "The First Battle of Moorefield" is the sixth in the BGES series.

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