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The BGES Volunteer Regiment

 The heart of both armies during the Civil War was the volunteer. So, too, today in a campaign to preserve and interpret battlefields and to provide a quality education about the war, the heart of the Blue and Gray Education Society is its new members of labeled "Volunteers.

The annual BGES Volunteer Regiment membership fee is $75.

In addition to the satisfaction of supporting all elements of the society's educational mission, members of BGES's Volunteer Regiment enjoy many perquisites including those outlined above.


BGES's Leadership Corps.

During the Civil War, some assumed more prominent roles-they recruited and mustered in the companies which formed regiments. BGES has a vibrant and growing leadership corps of members who are helping us do even more. 

Contributors at leadership levels allow the Blue and Gray Education Society to complete interpretive work which permanently tells the story of battles, leaders, and soldiers on the sites where they fought and fell. Battlefield interpretation is the primary mission of the society, which requires substantial funds to perform historical research, develop an effective presentation, coordinate fund-raising partnerships, and produce/direct appropriate markers, signs, and maps as we did at North Anna and Port Republic. 

 A contributor to the Leadership Corps is automatically a member of the BGES Volunteers and enjoys all the privileges of membership. A Leadership Corps member gains the satisfaction of supporting "the telling of the story" of the Civil War.

Leadership Corps Membership Levels  

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